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8X binos

Started by spud, 09/02/2002 11:23PM
Posted 09/02/2002 11:23PM Opening Post
I keep wonering why 7x50's continue to be pushed for astro use. Considering Alan Alder's article in the recent S&T maginfication may play as big or bigger role for night time use than objective diameter. I think we've all seen the difference between 7x50's vs 10x50's on M81 and M82 for instance. But 10x is just to much trouble to hold steady for any length of time!

I am sold on Swift Audubon's for astro use, price considered. I realize the edge is soft, but so are the edges of any other $250 + bino I've looked through. With narrower FOV no less.

Am I the only astro person using birding binos? Any one else out there? If so, why do you use them?

Or why would you use 7 x 50's instead?


Posted 09/03/2002 07:14PM #1
While certainly far from ideal (or even recommended) for stargazing, my 8x32 Canons are capable of showing LOTS of celestial goodies. I can only imagine (with envy) how your Audobons would fare, in comparison.

As for my own 7x50 Tentos, the deal was simply too attractive to ignore. In my case, there were two or three particular attractions:
1) amazingly inexpensive (I paid $50)
2) combination of aperture & wide field of view (7 degs)
3) curiosity (towards Tentos in general)

I'm very impressed with their optical quality. I don't know of a sharper pair of 7-deg. 7x50s available at even three times their cost. If they were 8x50, all the better.

I vividly recall my first view through a pair of 8.5x44 Audobons. Absolutely wonderful to handle, and even nicer to view through. Awesome clarity & color fidelity, and my eyes simply loved them. Very easy/comfy view.

Given their 8-plus-degrees view, I consider the Audobon's off-axis fidelity (beyond 6 degrees) to be relatively good. It's very difficult (& costly) to design & execute a reasonably flat AND very wide field with a sharp edge.

I can quite easily see myself holding a pair of 8.5x44s in the future. Enjoy the heck out of yours.

Best wishes and happy "birding." :-)