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Barska 15x70mm or Barska 12-36x70mm

Started by tap50, 08/23/2002 07:18PM
Posted 08/23/2002 07:18PM Opening Post
I'm trying to decide on whether to get the Barska 15x70mm fixed lens binoculars or the Barska 12-36x 70mm zoom binoculars.

Any suggestions?
Posted 08/23/2002 07:49PM #1

I've tried Galileo 10 - 30 x 60 zoom binoculars... I didn't really like them.. at 10 x 60 they were ok but really darkened up when I used the zoom to 30x. They worked great during the day though.. just not for astronomy.

I own a pair of 15 x 70 barska binoculars.. When I got them and tried them I was seeing double stars from miscollimation.. I went to cloudy night sight and got the collimation to the "bear" bino's ( made by barska )... it was really easy to collimate...

From what I've heard it's next to impossible to collimate a zoom binocular without professional attention....

I personally would stay away from a zoom unless your using them for daytime use.

Just my humble opinion from the one pair I tried out..

Mark V