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Best compliment for a Telescope user?

Started by panni, 09/05/2002 11:26AM
Posted 09/05/2002 11:26AM Opening Post
Hi. I am new to astronomy. Moving from Chicago to Arizona, I finally pursued my interest.

For serious intermediate telescope users, what type(power/size) is most complimentary and useful Bino??? This might be too broad a question, but I would like to get a bino that I can use once i get a telescope.

I have decided to go the Binocular route(instead of low end telescope). I will save a little money and get the best Binos I can afford, hopefully a Nikon, Fujinon or similar. My budget is under US $400 (Preferably $275 for a used pair). I want binos i will want to use for many years to come.

From what I have read in the forums, it seems like the high power 20X80's, etc, are too big for the beginner? Besides several readers have complained that the low end 20x80's often have soft edges.

My preliminary choice is a pair of 7X50 marine. I do some boating as well, and would like to get a compass equipped pair for dual use. Is there any reason I should NOT consider a Marine bino w / compass for astronomy use? P.S. I also plan on buying a decent tripod or other mount, so a larger bino is still a possibility for me. thanks for any comments Sven
Posted 09/06/2002 08:28AM #1
Hello Sven.

I can think of only two reasons NOT to choose a particular marine binocular:
1) its images aren't as good as those of another non-marine (or marine) unit.
2) its weight/bulk make it difficult to hold or carry.

Unfortunately, some marine binoculars *do* show a visible disadvantage, when compared with other marine (and non-marine) binoculars. -That's what I've read, anyhow. I have very little experience with compass-equipped binoculars, but I hear good things about the Fujinon and Nikon offerings.

The 20x80s aren't necessarily too big for beginners. They're just BIG :-) I consider high-mag. giants to be specialty binoculars, certainly NOT general-purpose/all-around instruments.

Your consideration of a combo-purpose marine/stargazing binocular is a good idea. Just make a point to try and test drive your candidates -- "in the hand" as well as "at the eye."

I don't consider myself a beginner, and I have three pairs of binoculars: 8x32, 7x50, & 10x70. (A fourth pair will likely be added before year's end.) There's no doubt in my mind that I'll continue to use all four pairs for many years to come. I'll never "outgrow" binoculars.

Best wishes and luck.
Posted 09/07/2002 06:38AM #2
Thanks for the comments, and happy to hear that marine binos and also high power 20x80s are likely options for me. Dan, you are right... best to test drive them first. I am trying to get a used pair from Ebay -- about the only way I can afford a pair of Fujinon or Nikon's, but still important to test a new one out first. I'll track down models locally and check them out first. I"ve heard some good things about the Pentax series, but after doing photography for years with Contax/Zeiss , I have learned it is best to try and spend the extra money. thanks again Nick