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Binocular Repair

Started by jdennis, 11/27/2002 04:51PM
Posted 11/27/2002 04:51PM Opening Post
I hope this is the site to use for my question.
Where might I get a pair of ? WW II ? vintage 7x50's
Freshened -up ? They have a scikle and star logo and
some kind of pump near the hinge. They have individual
eye focusers and these are not tight. I often use them,
but would use them more if this problem could be corrected.
My first views of Jupiter with his 4 moons were with these!
Thank you in advance,
John Dennis
Posted 11/28/2002 06:32AM #1
I did a quick search on google and come up with Looks like they will clean and repair vintage binoculars. No direct experience with the company.

Repairing them may be worthwhile if you want to keep them as a collector item. For regular astronomy use you will see much more with 12X60 or 15X70 binos. The Oberwerk 12X60 is available for about $110. Very good eye relief and edge sharpness. 9 or 15X60 models are also available. The Orion Secnix line offers decent quality 50mm binos for about $80.

ERik D