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Burgess Optics

Started by light trap, 11/03/2002 06:18PM
Posted 11/03/2002 06:18PM Opening Post
Does anybody have any first hand experience with Burgess Optics binoculars as compared to other astro binos? As a long time bino enthusiast, I wasn't expecting much from yet another Chinese bino importer, but have to admit that I was quite impressed with what I could see of Bill Burgess's most recent offerings at M.A.S.P. based on simply looking through a table full of glass during the day. I wound up buying a set of birding binos from him that impress me a lot, but am really, really, really curious about his 25x100's and other dedicated astro binos. Is there anybody out there really keeping up with the various and ever-improving field of Chinese import binoculars? Got any thoughts on Burgess vs. Oberwerk vs. the world?

Mike Swaim
Posted 11/04/2002 08:36AM #1

I saw the Burgess 25X100mm at the NEAF show on May 18 this year. They look very much like the Oberwerk 20X80 delux with a different paint job and bigger objectives.(Barrel dia is the same, only the lenses are bigger). Bill was taking orders for delivery in a month or two. The specs were quite impressive: 25X100mm WaterProof with built-in tripod adapter and 3.0 deg FOV! The asking price was sub $300!! Considering I just paid $900 in March for 25X100mm ProOptics which have 2.6 deg FOV and are NOT waterproof, the Burgess 100mm is an increditable buy. However, nearly six month later I have yet to encounter a single posting from any one that has a pair. Burgess also mentioned they are working on 100 and 120mm giant binos with angled eyepiece for about half the price of comparable Miyachis. I love giant binocular astronomy and I'd love to have a pair of 120mm ED giants with 45/90 deg eyepiecs for less than $1500. I believe Burgess supplies the 4 in premium focuser for TMB refractors so they can certainly deliver high end product.

The 60/70mm bino offering from Burgess looks the same as the one offered by Oberwerk, Barsak and others. I have heard from people who spend $69 for the 15X70mm with the old style focuser and are happy with them. Personally I am willing to spend a little more for Oberwerk brand binoculars. Kevin B specializes in selling giant binos for more than three years and keep introdcuing innovative new products. His customer service is first class too. If some other company demonstrate they can deliver Chinese binoculars with consistent quality at a competitive price I will buy from them too. We all benefit when more quality optics are available.

I just purchased a pair of Oberwerk 12X60mm(5.7 deg FOV) mini giants at central NJ scope show this weekend. I wanted a pair of mid-power binos to fill the gap between my 10x and 20X binos. The optics of the 12X60 are very very good considering the price. They are as bright sharp as the Celestron 9X63(5.4 deg) Ultimas I saw (based on day time viewing only)the week before. Price of the Oberwerk is about 1/3 of the Celestron 9X63. I will post a report after I had a chance to star test them a few times.

Erik D