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Canon 10x30 IS

Started by David Simons, 02/25/2006 03:24PM
Posted 02/25/2006 03:24PM Opening Post
Just received a pair courtesy of Astromart. However we are getting thin clouds sad

Does anybody else have a pair of these ? Favorite targets ? Best use ?


David Simons
Posted 03/07/2006 09:33PM #1
Hi David,
I have a pair and use them all the time.
In an honest evaluation & comparison the Cannon Optics are not the best out there but the stabilization more than makes up for that if you're at all unstable - especially for extended viewing. (Several minutes).
Personally I use mine for quick spotting. i.e. if I'm going to move the scope to a target that's a long arc, I use them to "Spot" the object and frame the view in my minds eye. Then when I spin the scope I can use a unity finder (Red Dot, Telrad, Rigel) and usually end with the object within the FOV of a view angle, low power eyepiece. Takes getting used to your scope and knowing the sky but a lot faster than Star Hopping.
IMHO the 10x30 is the best compromise of size, weight, and price for general use from hiking & birding to scanning the night sky. I've owned the 25s and 36s. Both are nice and the 12x36 are a close second to the 10x30s but I sold the others and kept these. Enjoy the binoculars, they're fun and very reasonably priced.
Clear Skies, Bill