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collimation questions

Started by blueflagella, 12/23/2005 08:31PM
Posted 12/23/2005 08:31PM Opening Post
Hey guys,

I just purchased some 20x80 binos for a really good price. They of course needed collimation. This style has a set screw on each prism objective so that the owner can simply use a screw driver for easy access collimation. I tried this at dusk and got the two images lined up(I used a electrical line). I went to use them tonight and I had no double images but the left side was out of focus. Now I assume there is a sweet spot one must hit between both sides being in focus and collimated. My question is how is this easiest achieved? Should I align first then focus or focus then align? Do I have to just tough it out with painstaking trial and error? 8O
Please help and all suggestions welcomed.

Posted 12/24/2005 05:12PM #1

Unfortunately for my ego you were not assuming too much. These are my second pair of binos and my first pair never gave me this problem. The right focuser helped alot, but I am still having trouble with the fine tuning. I will check out the cloudynights site.