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Custom ground lenses for binos

Started by John F. Powell, 08/27/2002 10:13AM
Posted 08/27/2002 10:13AM Opening Post
Unfortunately,at 55yrs of age, I have astigmatism in both eyes and I'm both near and far sighted deficient. I've tried contact lenses to correct the problem but then I can't read anything (starcharts).Even with my glasses on, I have to position my eyes, my head and the binoculars just right to get pinpoint stars. This isn't a problem with high power telescope viewing. I was thinking of taking a pair of 15x70 Oberwerks to my local optician to see if a custom pair of eyepiece lenses could be made to replace the originals to correct my vision....anyone ever tried this approach? Any feedback would be much appreciated....thanks....John
Posted 08/27/2002 01:14PM #1
mmmmmmm never thought of that route before. I wonder if you could get eyepieces custom made the same way ???? Any one try that approach????

Fellow astigmatism sufferer..

Mark V
Posted 09/30/2002 11:17AM #2
I hear you on this one. My eye are getting very weird as I age and I ended up with contacts because the correction with glasses would not work any more (I'm 52 myself).

SCUBA divers can have Rx masks made, but that take into account the water too, and don't think that's what you want.

I'd go down to one hour optical with my Rx and ask if they could make the lenses and cut a 2 inch (or whatever) plugs out. Then you can mount them like slip over filters and put them over the bino EPs. But with astigmatism you might have problems with the EPs twisting to focus, as the X/Y orientation with your eye has to stay the same. I guess you could "twist 'em till they look good" but that one more operation to do... You could also get a cheap pair made and then just rig up a dual EP slip-over arrangement after removing the earpieces to maintain interocular spacing and lens alignment.


Tom Mengel
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