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Filtered Binoculars - any good?

Started by Lee_S, 01/27/2006 06:34PM
Posted 01/27/2006 06:34PM Opening Post
I live in a very light polluted area and I'd like to know:

How well do binoculars like Celestron OptiView 10x50 LPR with built in light pollution filters work? Are the Apogee binoculars with flip down light pollution filters any good? Do LPR binoculars work during the day?


I have several telescopes, but none are semi-APO, APO, or in anyway valuable.
Posted 02/03/2006 08:20PM #1
I briefly checked out a pair of Apogees. I can't remember if they were 10x50 or 7x50 or?
Briefly, these had nebula filters. They would make finding nebula regions easier. But, overall you had a relatively inexpensive binocular combined with a relatively inexpensive filter with a mechanism for sliding the filter in-and out.

The binoculars weren't bad, but for the price could get better binoculars.

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