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galileo 15x70 collimation screws?

Started by LesHalles, 02/28/2003 12:37PM
Posted 02/28/2003 12:37PM Opening Post
These are supposed to be similar to the Barska/Bear 15x70's.

The Barska/Bear version have accessible, though hidden, collimation screws (cloudy nights site).

Does anyone know if the galileo 15x70's, supposedly made in the same factory but looking slightly different, have these collimation screws?

Does anyone have a report on how well the Galileo's are collimated?

Posted 02/28/2003 05:48PM #1
Hi, Leigh.

My Galileos arrived *perfectly* collimated.
And, yes, they are from the same manufacturer(s) as the Barska/Bear/Oberwerk/Maybach units. Coatings and cosmetics may differ, but they all are indeed "siblings" (collimation screws, too).

If you've not seen it, check the CloudyNights article, "Bear 15x70 Binocular Collimation," by Pete Rasmussen. His discussion and the photo included are applicable to the Galileo 15x70s.

Best wishes.