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Going Wide

Started by David Simons, 01/04/2006 02:30AM
Posted 01/04/2006 02:30AM | Edited 01/16/2006 10:52AM Opening Post
I recently received an old pair of Tasco 7x35, 11 degree FOV bino's. Although very small eye relief, I had to practically put the glass onto my eye, the FOV was impressive. For a few hours we had an unusually dark, transparent sky here in N. California after a rain, and cruising the Orion, Puppis, and Canis M regions was a real treat. Little globular clusters floating on a sea of filmy Milky way. The whole bottom of Orion was visible in one view, belt stars to Rigel with M42 in between. Although 35mm is generally not considered a deep sky aperture, I was sure having some fun!

Does anybody else use a pair of these old bino's ?

David Simons