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Good seeing last night

Started by darylc, 04/24/2003 05:31AM
Posted 04/24/2003 05:31AM Opening Post
We had some great skies last night in Michigan.

My 15x70s could pick up M102(M101).
M104 (That was a first for me in binos!),
M51 was downright brilliant.
I could also see M53 (small but bright)
and M63 was easy.

Plus a lot of other objects that are normally pretty easy in the binos were great last night. (M3,M13,M66,M81,M82, among others were all outstanding last night and M44 is still looking good with visiting Jupiter)

While my binos don't show the detail of my telescope, I find it quite exciting when I can spot DSO objects, it seems more like you are seeing them directly than it does with the scope. I find I like using them both and jump back and forth between them a lot during the night.

I've only had my binoculars since November and I've already recorded over 40 of the Messier objects as well as a number of other NGC objects.

I hope others had those great skies that we did last night.

Daryl Crowley
Posted 04/24/2003 12:49PM #1
Hi Daryl,

Congratulations on a great night with your 15x70's. I have been kicking myself for not recording all the M's I have viewed with my binos (With the scope, I very diligently took notes as I went through the Messier list the first time). I guess I just get too caught up in enjoying the view with two eyes.

A Messier Marathon with binoculars would be fun, too. Did anyone try it this year?

Clear skies, Milt