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I finally got to try my 15 x 70s - sort of...

Started by darylc, 11/18/2002 05:18AM
Posted 11/18/2002 05:18AM Opening Post
I've been dying to try my new 15 x 70s and we finally had a little clear sky this weekend. As you know the moon was out and nearly full. The sky was very washed out but...
The view in these binoculars is fantastic! There certainly is an aspect about these that is missing in my telescope.

Huge field of view! Things appear 3-D.

I could see both M81 and M82 clearly - in spite of the Moon! I could see Saturn's rings and I could clearly see Titan. M37, M36, M38 were spectacular.

I can't wait for a dark night!

I think I need a slight collimation adjustment. It's close but I think a little tweaking is in order. I have instructions on how to do this but is it as easy as it sounds? Any chance I can screw them up beyond recovery?

Posted 11/18/2002 08:55AM #1
For your reading pleasure.

Posted 11/18/2002 03:05PM #2

That's impressive! Where are you observing from that you can see M81 & 82 in 70mm binos with a full moon. I have yet to see them in my Mag 4.5 skies with my 20X80mm even thoug I know exactly where to look. My friend and I locted them last year in his NextStar 8 SCT but we had to look hard to see them.

ERik D