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Indecision in giant binoculars

Started by eurzaiz, 04/05/2003 08:29AM
Posted 04/05/2003 08:29AM Opening Post
Hello to all.
I'm looking for a big binocs (80-100mm) and I saw a CELESTRON SKYMASTER 25x100 for $349.00.
Somebody can say me if it's a good election? I have read commentaries not very good of Celestron telescopes. It is the same for binocs?.
My options are the following ones:
Orion Megaview 30x80 ($500)
Burgess 25x100 ($300)
Oberwerk 20x80 ($200 -279)
Celestron 25x100 ($349)

Please, tell me commentaries of these binoculars so that I take one desicion.
I thank for much.
Posted 04/05/2003 09:52AM #1

I am not familiar with the Celestron SkyMaster. Does this model have an attached mounting platform? Orion and ProOptics both carried 25X100 *Ultra* Giants till about a year ago. I believe both were made by Vixen of Japan because the photos look almost identical. I must have purchased one of the last ProOptics 25X100s last year for $900. The ProOptics is no longer listed on the Adorama web site but a review article is available on CloudyNights with photos. If the Celestron Sky master is another private label variation then $345 is an excellent price. The only issue with the ProOptics/Orion 100mm is the short 10mm eye relief. It's not sufficient if you wear glasses.

The Burgess 25X100 for $299 is an exceptional value. There are quite a few posts by Kimball here during the last few weeks. The only consideration is the size and weight(~10 lbs) The 20X80 LW() models from Oberwerk and Burgess are also 'Best Buys' in 80mm size. The Oberwerk LW is listed as having an extra 3mm eyerelief(Burgess=13mm) and Broadband mulit-coat for $50 more than the Burgess. Someone posted on another forum a few days ago that the Burgess 80 LW is out of stock for 5-6 weeks. I believe Oberwerk 80mm LW is in stock.

The 80mm LW models are about 1/3 the weight of the Burgess 25X100. 20X80s will also give you a bigger FOV for open clusters.

The Orion 30X80 Megaview has very nice mechanical design but I would not recommend it because of the narrow 2.3 deg FOV and price. For $500 you can buy a 20X80 LW AND the Burgeess 25X100 and still have money left towards a tall tripod. I have the Orion 20X80 regular giants and Burgess LW myself. The Burgess 80mm LW is as good as my $400 Orions but 2 lbs lighter!

Erik D