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Started by Milt, 11/03/2002 02:56PM
Posted 11/03/2002 02:56PM Opening Post
Can anyone tell me what the third EP set is for the Kowa Highlander? Neither the Kowa nor Anacortes websites list anything other than the 32x and 50x EP's. There is a 27x listed under the 82mm spotting scope, but it has a narrower FOV than the 32x, so what's the point?

It's too bad Kowa chose not to use 1-1/4" EP holders, likely because of weather-proofing that I could care less about (someone should tell Kowa that we don't look through astro binoculars in the rain). For the outrageous price of their 50x EP's, one could buy a pair of 9mm Nagler T6's, get 25% more FOV and $190 in change. A pair of the new 24mm Panoptics would yield a gorgeous 3.6 deg. FOV.

If Kowa offered 1-1/4" EP compatibility in the Highlander, I wouldn't even be considering Vixen.

Posted 11/03/2002 08:59PM #1
Hi Milt,
I asked Anacortes about it after reading Markus' post and was told the 3rd eyepiece is a 21x, priced a bit higher than the 50x. Anacortes will order on request.

Posted 11/04/2002 07:34AM #2
the third Kowa eyepiece is 21 power widefield

The Kowa eyepieces have an 1.25" barrel but a narrowed down front nut holdet in the spring.

The Kowa Spotting scope eyepieces of the 82 mm Fluorite using identical lenses as the super expensive Highlander eyepieces, only the mechanics are diffrent. I asked Kowa why such big pricediffrence if same optics are used and Kowa replied, the Highlander eyepieces are made 1 by 1 order and the spotting scope eyepiece housings are made in large quantitys

I have ordered from kowa the eyepiecefocusers as spareparts. I try to remaschien them to accept some standart eyepieces, if i have sucess I will keep the group informed

The 21 m m Kowa eyepiece have an FOV of 63° with 17 mm eyerelief and offering 3° with the Highlander

best wishes


clear skies

Markus Ludes