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mirror mount

Started by tinman, 04/15/2003 10:54PM
Posted 04/15/2003 10:54PM Opening Post
I am looking for a reasonable mirror for a mirror mount project for my 20x80s. I want to mount the mirror and binos so that you can look down into the eyepieces. I have seen many prefab units online, but I am interested in making one myself. I would like to know where I can find a good mirror, and what things I should look for in that mirror including type, coatings, etc.... Would I be happy with a front surface (or first surface?) mirror from the surplus shed? Or should I buy something of higher quality? I am not expecting prefection at this time, but would not like fog, distortion and false color. Thanks for any tips and experiences.
Posted 04/17/2003 06:51AM #1
I used one of the tank mirrors from the surplus shed and made a Sky Window type mount out of wood for my binos. The mirror was cheap and works great with no noticeable distortion or false color. I wish the mirror was larger but other than that it is a great way to view through binos. I have also seen people use truck side view mirrors as these are first surface mirrors at a reasonable price. Hope this helps.