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Mirror mount use with 20x80?

Started by mburke, 02/05/2003 05:28AM
Posted 02/05/2003 05:28AM Opening Post
Has anyone tried viewing off a first surface mirror (like the Trico machines Sky Window) through 20x80 binoculars? I have heard about good results with 70mm and below, but not much about 80mm+.

Posted 02/10/2003 06:29PM #1
I believe that the problem is that aberations start to creep in when the magnification gets to this sort of level. I was thinking about trying the same trick with Tak 22x60 Astronomers, but that's what I was told. I'm not sure whether the Oberwerk mirror is a better alternative or not.

Must say I'm surprised that nobody has come up with a good solution to this so far...