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Miyauchi binocular 15 x 60

Started by Jeroen, 04/03/2003 10:44AM
Posted 04/03/2003 10:44AM Opening Post

I am looking for a mid sized angled binocular of excellent quality which is very easy to set up and not too heavy to carry.
Currently I am using a high quality 10 x 40 binocular (Zeiss Victory), but want to use something bigger. First I had the Tak 22 x 60, Zeiss 15 x 60 or the Optolyth 15 x 63 in mind, but these will give me pain in my neck and one needs a decent mount for it.
So during my search, I discovered the Miyauchi 15 x 60 45 degrees angled binocular. They look attractive and very comfortable.
Are there people here which have experience / used this binocular ? How are the optics, color error, edge sharpness,... ?

This seems to be the only angled binocular in the 50-70mm region or am I wrong ?

All advice is welcome. Thanks

Posted 04/03/2003 11:34AM #1
If you have a budget for the Tak and Zeiss you could consider the Miyauchi 20X77mm available from the host of Astromart for $1,015. The size is bigger but you will be able to see more DSOs. The 77mm size can be handled by a good fluid head such as the Bogen 3063 or 501 head.

I have 10X40, 12X60 and 20X80mm binos. In my experience the gain of moving up from 60 to 80mm is much more dramatic than from 40 to 60mm.

Erik D
Posted 04/06/2003 01:19AM #2
Thanks for the comment. I haven't looked at it this way.