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Monopod for Astro Bino Holder?

Started by [email protected], 04/09/2002 11:50PM
Posted 04/09/2002 11:50PM Opening Post
Anybody made a monopod style astro bino holder? I am trying to come up with a easy to use, extremely portable, lightweight holder for my 15X70's. I've looked at parallelogram mounts, but they mostly require large bulky tripods. I'd like a monopod, with a gas spring to control the height and maybe a ballhead to hold the binos. Anyone seen something like this?

Scott Baker
San Diego Astronomy Association
Posted 04/10/2002 09:11PM #1
Some folks use a string tied to the binos and held under the foot. Just keep the string taunt... I tried it and it dose work (but not like a tripod).

Tom Mengel
Moderator Equipment Talk

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