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New version of old Vixen 20x and 30x-125 astrobinoculars!!??

Started by Anders Asp, 04/21/2008 04:54AM
Posted 04/21/2008 04:54AM | Edited 04/21/2008 05:17AM Opening Post
Hi all!
I have just been reading that the old Vixen 20x-30x-125mm astrobinoculars is coming back to the market soon grin . Do anyone of u know if that is correct information and if it is and u got some information about it plz let me know smile.

It also said that now the binos should come in a new version that accepts any 1.25 EP`s sides to the 20x and 30x fix models, is that true???

I hope for clear skies/ Anders
Posted 04/21/2008 06:05PM #1
Quite a few Vixen optics dealers in the U.S. have these listed on their websites. Probably a special order item since they are expensive at $3000 without the mount. Not sure about interchangeable eyepieces, I know some of the 80mm models offered that feature. I did see both the 20x125 and 30x125's on the Vixen Europe site as well.