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Oberwerk 100mm Binocular Scope

Started by vpdwl, 03/09/2003 02:00PM
Posted 03/09/2003 02:00PM Opening Post
I have had a pair of the oberwerk 100mm binocular telescope for around a week & really like them. I purchased the Universal Astronomics Unistar Mount & oberwerk heavy duty surveyor tripod & have a really nice setup, & also did not break the bank. The optics on the oberwerk are fantastic!
pinpoint stars across 90% of the entire field! T he supplied 10mm for 62x & the 24mm for 25x are large & quite good in my opinion, they are also almost parfocal, just a little turn to bring to focus. the optics seam to be multi coated as far as i can tell. The moon last night had a noticable color fringe but if i dont look for it i dont see it. The moon was awsome at 25x or at 62x, 3D like crystal clear! M42 wow!! is all i can say! Clusters are simply awsome!! This is the first pair of binos except for a pair of 50mm cheapies ive ever owned. Ive had 4", 5" 8", 10" 12.5" & 15" telescopes that i really loved to use, except for the bringing out of the house & setting up part, with the oberwerks i can set up in less than 4 minutes & be ready to rock & roll! even with their weight of 26 pounds they are absolutley no problem to carry out & set up. These are truley the grab & go type of astronomical instrument i was looking for. I bougt a pair of tv 15mm plossls for 40x & a pair of tv 32mm plossls for 19x they work great with the scope. The focuser dosnt use any set screw or compression type holders for the eyepieces,the eyepiece cavity is machined precise, to the specification of a 1 1/4" barrel so that the eyepieces stay put & are really easy to get in or out ( they will not attempt to slide out on their own ). the focusers feature non rotating helical focusers for both sides, they are incredibly smooth & reach perfect focus easily.
Just some of my experiences on my new toy that i wanted to share with others that might be interested or might be thinking about buying an oberwerk 100mm.
thanks David Landreth
Posted 03/09/2003 06:45PM #1
Hi David,

I will echo what Kenny just said to Chas - it's great to hear enthusiastic reports on new binos.

In the case of your binoscope, I'll bet you saw a big improvement in the Trapezium going from 25x to 62x. Speaking of multiple stars, have you tried Polaris, Mizar, Rigel and Eta Cassiopeiae just to name a few doubles that should be easily split at that magnification?

And if you like O.C.'s, have you tried for NGC2158 next to M35 yet? That should also benefit from the higher mag. And the Virgo galaxy group is on the rise...

Happy two-eyed hunting, Milt
Posted 04/07/2003 09:33AM #2
I would be very interested in knowing how those TV EP's are working in the bino viewer. Also was wondering if you have heard whether or not the 14mm TV Radians would work in it and if so how well. Actually any further info in addition to your great review would be super.

Danny Halstead
Moderator APM Forum