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Oberwerk 100mm Binocular Telecope

Started by Nemo, 04/17/2003 02:03PM
Posted 04/17/2003 02:03PM Opening Post
UPS just delivered one pair of Oberwerk 100mm Astronomical Binoculars from Big Binoculars plus a Unistar deluxe mount and Heavy duty Oberwerk Surveyors tripod. Although at this point all I have been able to do is unpack every thing and nothing more (Oregon rain) I would like to say a few things. Physical inspection of the equipment has exceeded all my expectations. Talk about industrial grade. Short of a nuclear holocaust my great grandchildren will be using this equipment. Fit and finish is top notch. I did a trade in of some equipment in obtaining these with Big Bino and they were very fair and up front. No low-ball no surprises. I have to say up to this point that Kevin Busarow the owner of the business has been just short of incredible. Honest to a fault, full of information, and the kind of patience it takes to deal with an obsessed guy who suffers from OCD when it comes to astronomy. There are definetly some people in buisness who could take lessons from Kevin regarding customer relations. No matter how the product performs I have no qualms about Kevin standing behind it. Although I am aware that I follow the footsteps of others in this forum, regarding these particular Bino’s, I will as the opportunity allows be giving my 2c on where the pedal meats the metal (night sky performance). Until then I would like to thank all you folks in this forum for the information you have shared.It was helpfull and instrumental in my decision process.

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Danny Halstead
Moderator APM Forum
Posted 04/17/2003 02:31PM #1
That's a beautiful piece of equipment! Nice black anodized mount too. I'd very interested in reading your review.

While you are waiting for the skies to clear and the new moon, perhaps you can share the decsion making process with us. For example, is the ability to swithch to higher power EPs and the nice finder more desirable to you? With the announcement of the 20/40X 45 deg Miyauchii clone from APM/Burgess/Oberwerk we will soon have more choices in 100mm binos. I think discussing the pros and cons of each design will be of interest to many on this forum.

Erik D
Posted 04/17/2003 03:13PM #2
Great looking binos! I have a pair without the finder & really love them. The 62x eyepieces are a little in my opinion to high of power, they work pretty good on really great seeing nights. Im going to in time buy 2- 16mm naglers to reach 39x, I think they would work really nice with the binos. The 25x eyepiece are really nice! not to say the 62x,s arent just a little to much power. I think you will be really satisfied with the 100mm bt from oberwerk. The mount unistar mount that you bought is a great addition to the setup, the only problem that i had & it is very very minor is you will occasionally need to tighten up the altitude adjustment so the binos wont move on you, other than that a very nice & wont break the bank set up. I tried some 32mm tv & some 15mm tv plossls in them & didnt really like the view that much, so i sold them, i guess they work better with swa or uwa eyepieces.
Mine came with perfect colimination, (Thank you lord!!) I have never tried to coliminate binoculars before. ;.)
Posted 04/17/2003 07:20PM #3
Hi Dan,

Congratulations on your great selection, and thanks for sharing the picture. I completely agree that in this price range you would want to have the flexibility to use whatever EP's and filters you want. As Ed keeps telling us, most binocular objectives are underutilized, but yours won't be! It sounds like you already have some favorite EP's from your scope, so you can just double up on them. I have heard good things about the Meade 24.5 SWA EP's for bino applications.

Keep the reports coming,