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Oberwerk 8x56

Started by Chas Argent, 03/09/2003 12:05PM
Posted 03/09/2003 12:05PM Opening Post

Yes, Kevin was correct & my new Oberwerk 8x56s arrived Saturday, beautifully packaged!! I decided to get the 8x56s as I was looking for a good general-use pair of binoculars for both astronomy and birding.

I took them out yesterday afetrnoon into the wilds of Southern Oregon. I was immediately impressed with both the quality of the image & how easy it was to use them with my glasses on-just fold back the eyecups & voila! Last night was cloudy so I have yet to check them out on the stars but I'm sure after running them through the ringer on some birding I'm sure I'll be more than pleased with them in that application. I even watched a hang glider from about a mile away and the light weight of these binoculars made it no effort at all to *steadily* keep up with its movements.

The binoculars came with a nice big beefy strap, which I appreciated. They also came with a somewhat wimpy case, which has already suffered; literally the first time I removed the glasses from the case after installing the strap, one of the metal rings the strap attaches to caught some of the lining fabric & tore a 2" hole in it, revealing the foam padding underneath. Oh well, I didn't buy them for the case anyway.

I am ecstatic with this purchase-yikes, $99!!! Can't wait for a clear night now...Thanks Kevin!!