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Oberwerk or Garrett Gemini?

Started by alexanders_dad, 03/23/2006 05:56AM
Posted 03/23/2006 05:56AM Opening Post
Hi All

I am looking to buy a pair of moderate quality, long eye-relief binoculars usable (briefly) without a tripod.

Both Oberwerk 11x70 or Garrett Gemini 15x70 would seem to fit these requirements, and both seem to get generally good reviews.

Does anyone want to risk an opinion to help with this choice?

Would 15x make them totally unusable without a tripod?

Is x15 of significant benefit compared with x11? If it is not then presumably I would be better going for x11 to reduce the effects of shake when holding them?

Thanks in advance for any words of wisdom!
Posted 03/23/2006 08:39AM | Edited 03/23/2006 08:55AM #1
Two friends have the 20X80 and 15X70 Oberwerk binos and are pleased with them. The 20 is mounted on a tripod, the 15X70 is used with a wood frame that rests on the shoulders (design in I thing S&T around Sept 05?). Someone correct this if wrong. Personally, for best viewing, I recommend a tripod or parallelogram mount. I have 20X100s and built a parallelogram mount for viewing.

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Posted 03/23/2006 03:27PM #2
Hello Nigel
Like Rick, I've never used the Garrett brand but I think I'm going to give them a try IF they bring in some 11x70's. I currently have both the 11x and 15x70 Oberwerks, and personally I cannot hold the 15x and see anything. Stars look like squigly lines jumping all over. I tend to like the 11x better because I can hold then steady however the sample I have is not as good as the 15x, ssooooo the 15x are on a mount. I'm on the fence on buying a brand new pair of 11x OB's OR wait till about April/May and see if Garrett brings them in. I did ask Garrett if they were going to bring in anything in that size and they responded that they were but wouldn't have a good supply until about May.