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Oberwerks 11 x 56

Started by rferrieri, 11/30/2002 06:51AM
Posted 11/30/2002 06:51AM Opening Post
I just ordered a pair of Oberwerks 11 x 56 binoculars as a xmas present for my brother-in-law. He is just showing an interest in astronomy with his kids. I recently gave him my 4.5" reflector when I completed my 10" Dob. He uses it periodically, but I think a pair of hand-held binoculars would get him under the stars more. He is enthralled with my Pro Optics 11 x 70's but admitted they got a bit heavy after awhile. I personally prefer using these on a mount. Anyway, I've seen some good comments on the Oberwerks 15 x 70 binoculars and was wondering whether anyone has any comments on the 11 x 56. For the price, I was hard pressed to decide between the Visioner 12 x 60's and these. The Visioner's were slightly heavier coming in at 40 oz. The Oberwerks are about 34 oz. which is about my upper limit for comfortable hand held units.
Posted 11/30/2002 02:24PM #1
I don't have direct experience with the 11X56 moodel but I did purchase the 12X60 model about four weeks ago. I am quite satisfied with it so far. Edge sharpness is quite good(to about 80% out) and there is no hint of flase color even on the moon. I had a chance to look thru a pair of Celestron Ultima 9X63 the week before I bought the Oberwer 12X60 and I felt the Oberwerk is at least equal to the Celestron. The Celestron is $319. The Obewerk 11X56 is also small enough I would not mind taking it on a trip. I think you made a very good choice.