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Older 70's/80's/90's vs. recent model 80mm's?

Started by yahganlang, 05/24/2008 02:06PM
Posted 05/24/2008 02:06PM Opening Post
I now have two older model 20x80 binos- one is a Celestron, the other a University Optics Comet King (which I've posted about before).

I know people have said that their coatings were a bit more primitive than more recent offerings, but what about overall optical quality and user satisfaction? Say, compared to Oberwerk and similar quality models.

Having never used one of the latter I have no basis for comparison. My Comet King is from the 80's, while I believe the Celestron is from the early to mid90's.

Jess Tauber
Posted 05/26/2008 07:14PM | Edited 05/26/2008 07:18PM #1
Hi JT,

I have a pair of Swift 11x80s from the early 1980s. They were made in Japan. I had a pair of 9x63s by another manufacturer from 2004. The coatings had several obvious flaws that were bad enough to affect the final image (slightly). I am demanding in the area of optical quality, so I donated them to my Astronomy Club and they were very happy. I think that the difference between 70s/80/90s binocs and those of today comes down to one thing. Those of 10 years ago and earlier were made in Japan to high or reasonably high standards - most binocs of today are made in China to mediocre or somewhat higher levels of quality , in my opinion (at an unfair wage/under bad working conditions, in most cases).

Sorry for the editorial - I think that I am saying something like, "Stick with the older ones as they are likely to be of better quality." That would hold true until one gets to the "price point" of some of the Nikon/Fujinon and then Swarovski binoculars (in that case, I would go with new ones).

best regards,