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Orion Mini 15X63 vs Pentax 12X60's

Started by Michael Koons, 02/21/2006 08:19PM
Posted 02/21/2006 08:19PM Opening Post
Wondering if any one has any feedback, the pentaxes may be hard to find. Thanks Mike
Posted 02/22/2006 07:48AM | Edited 02/22/2006 07:49AM #1
Hi Mike,

I have a pair of Pentax 16 x 60, the earlier PCF V. They are very light weight and easlily handholdable. I have used them in daylight, which gives you an instant check on alignment, no eyestrain or headache. And they are inexpensive. The newer WP version are some what more money. They have two position eyepieces which I use as a eyeglass wearer, and a focus lock. On a recent trip, a dealer who does not handle the Pentax Line indicated that they were superior to the Orion line which he does carry.

The most I've ever used for support is a simple monopod. I usually just find a post, a tree or a lawn chair for viewing.

I have recently completed the AL Binocular Messier List with these from less than ideal conditions north of Dallas. I lack but 8 items on the Binocular Deep Sky List.

I also use Pentax Sport Optics 8 x 24 and they are outstanding as well.

Lest you think I'm a Pentax freak, I use TeleView eyepieces almost exclusively on my telescopes.

Having said all that, I'm afraid I will need more light gathering ability to complete the Deep Sky list from my location. Have you tried any 70 or 80mm objectives?