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Problem viewing stars - any recommendations?

Started by RustyMutt, 04/12/2003 08:21PM
Posted 04/12/2003 08:21PM Opening Post
I seem to have difficulty getting each eye to bring distant horizontal object together, and I'm wondering if this is common and if there is anything I can do to help this. I don't believe I have a collimation issue -- my wife said she sees a single object/star. I've played with the binos's to spread them apart or bring each eyepiece closer together, but nonething I've tried solves the problem.

I got my first binos late last year. I don't seem to have a problem with lower magnification binos, like my 7x50's. I can almost bring the objects together with my 15x70's, but my 20x80LW's are harder, and therefore dissappointing to use unless I close one eye. If I try hard, I can see the stars move closer together but I can't get it quite there. I first had a problem viewing terrestrial objects with my 15x70's, but after a little while I finally adapted. But not so when looking at the stars...

Any ideas/suggestions? (I do wear gas-perm contacts... could that affect anything?)