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Takahashi Binos

Started by Midnight Sun, 09/30/2005 08:02PM
Posted 09/30/2005 08:02PM | Edited 10/01/2005 10:27AM Opening Post
I see a pair of 22x60 Fluorite Tak Astronomical Bino for sale in the Classified section of Bino's. They are the ones with the constellations pictured on the bodies. Has anyone had the opportunity to view through a pair of these?? I currently have a pair of ORION 20x80 Wide-Angle MegaViews. with a 3.5ยบ field of view. The Takahashi's sell new for $1100. Sounds like APO Glass! thank you, JM

Posted 10/03/2005 11:17AM #1
I've used them for half hour at some starparty.
Extremely sharp, sharp, sharp. Much sharper than
Miyauchi 20x77 nearby; I believe the objectives are
Fluorite doublets. Star images perfect. Images a
bit dim as you might expect for 3mm exit pupil;
MilkyWay sweeping was more subtle experience
than 4mm or 5 mm exit pupil binos. Impossible to
hand-hold at this power; needs solid mount.
I liked them alot.
Posted 10/12/2005 09:13PM | Edited 10/21/2005 08:27PM #2
I bought a pair about 3 months ago and have been very pleased with them. Even though they are a little long compared with most 60mm binoculars, they're still quite small and light compared to almost every other 22x or higher power binocular.

When used on a good mount these are great both astronomically and terrestrially. However, because of their small 2.1 degree true field these would not be my first choice in the higher power/larger aperture size class. However, once you have a binocular in the 16x70 or so size class, then getting a pair of these makes a nice addition to any binocular set.

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