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Taking binos apart for cleaning

Started by John F. Powell, 04/25/2002 05:34AM
Posted 04/25/2002 05:34AM Opening Post
I have a pair of 10x50 Orion Ultraviews that have a small piece of debris on the inside lens on the right side eyepiece.I thought maybe I'd attempt to take them apart to clean it. Any thoughts on this? Any idea what it would cost to have them cleaned....and where to take them...thanks....John
Posted 04/25/2002 09:02AM #1
You might want to drop a line to Mirakel Optical at:

They just gave me a reasonable estimate for cleaning & restoring some binoculars. Their estimates are free and they can probably give you a quote via email or phone without even seeing your binos.

Alternatively, since your Orions aren't waterproofed, you might consider attempting to disassemble them yourself. Most porro prism binos unscrew where the objective bell narrows to meet the porro body. This might allow the debris to fall out. Sometimes the eyepieces themselves simply screw out, sometimes not. Under the rubber eyecup there may be one or more little screws that you'll need to back out to get the eyepiece to unscrew. Don't force anything and be careful not to crossthread anything when re-assembling.

Good luck,
Mike Swaim