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Thinking of getting a "Big Binocular" need input.

Started by Viperbob, 02/08/2003 05:41AM
Posted 02/08/2003 05:41AM Opening Post
I own a pair of 7 X 35 Bushnell binoculars and am interested in getting a larger pair for astro viewing. Here on Astromart I see two i'm interested in. First a 15 X 70 Oberwerk and second a Orion 20 X 70. What is the better binoculars to go after? There both in my price range and i've no expierence with binoculars other then general observations. I do own a LX-90 and use that often but wanted to expierence the joy of "excellent" astro viewing with a "good pair of binocular's".
Thanks for your help. Here I am a telescope user asking a newbie question. Appreciate you input..........
bob ellis
Posted 02/08/2003 09:23AM #1
While I have no direct experience with these particular binoculars, bear in mind both will require sturdy mounting for effective use. It is advisable to set aside enough money from your budget to purchase a good, solid mount. You will be much more satisfied with your choice, whatever it will be, when it is mounted securely on a proper mount. I personally use a Universal Astronomics Unimount and I recommend it highly, but there are others on the market which will do the job for you, too. Best of luck with your choice.

Walter Locke

Walter Locke
"The Fearless Spectator"

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Richard Feynman
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Posted 02/08/2003 10:40AM #2
I would go with the Oberwerk 15X70. Very good optical quality and longer eye relief. Both the Orion 15X and 20X70 models have listed eye relief of only 8mm. 8mm eyerelief would be tight even if you do not wear glasses. You get a wider Field of View with the Oberwerk and the price is less too.

I don't have the two models you mentioned but I have been using a pair of 20X80mm Orion and 12X60 Oberwerk for astronomy. The Orion have better mechnical construction and incldes a heavy duty tripod adapter(~$18) but my Oberwerk has much better edge sharpness and almost no false color.

Also consider the new 20X80 LW model if you are going to use a tripod anyway. The Burgess 20X80 LW has 3.5 deg FOV and price is the same as the Oberwerk 15X70($149). There is a very favorable review of the Burgess on

Good luck and post your impressions after you get a pair.

Erik D
Posted 02/08/2003 12:18PM #3
You should take a look at the 20x80LW from Burgess optical. I have a pair and for $150, you can't beat the quality, and the company is a joy to deal with. FOV is 3.5 °, and they are the lightest 20x80s around. Since you are already getting a wide FOV with the 7x35's the 20x80 make a nice addition. My $0.02.