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Vixen 125mm 20x or 30x Binocular scope?

Started by vpdwl, 02/09/2003 02:12PM
Posted 02/09/2003 02:12PM Opening Post
Im also thinking about getting some 100mm or larger binoculars & am really considering the vixen 125mm binocular scope. Any one out there have one? if so tell me about how well you like or dislike it. contrast good/bad color good/bad. pinpoint stars? any info would be greatly appreciated.
thanks David L
Posted 02/09/2003 02:40PM #1
Hi David,

I came within a hair of purchasing the Vixen BT125's. There is a review of the 30x125's on cloudynights at

The BT125's have a third lens to extend the focal length for interchangeable eyepieces that likely also reduces false color (Markus Ludes thought they were better than achromat quality). Any standard 1-1/4" EP's and nebula filters can be used.

I know, its a touch choice!

Good luck, Milt
Posted 02/11/2003 06:24AM #2

I did a bit of research on the Vixen 125mms as well. These are the third largest aperture binos currently available after the Fuji 150mm and the Myauchi 141mm. The Vixen 125 comes with a nice tripod and fork mount and the total weight is under 40 lbs. However, the price is still around $4000. The reviewer of the Cloudynight article compared the Viexen 125 to the 25/40X100 mm Chinese military binos and felt that he did not see more with the extra 25mm aperture. You can order the Oberwerk 25/40X100 for about $1,300 and still have plenty left to invest in a heavy tripod and mount. Phil Harrington also did a favorable review of the Vixen 25-75X125 Zoom model a few years back. You may be able to find the review under The last time I spoke to Vixen USA they did not plan to import the 25-75X zoom model though.

When I met Bill Burgess at the NEAF show last year he mentioned he is working on getting giant binos bigger than 100mm with angled eyepieces. In my email exhchage with him last week he said that he will be showing binos in th 127mm and 150mm size at the 2003 NEAF show. I don't know what size binos you are currently using but you may want to wait a bit to see what Bill Burgess comes up with. So far he seems to be able to deliver 80 and 100mm binos of good quality at less than half the price of Vixen ginat binos.

Erik D
Posted 02/11/2003 10:01PM #3
Hi David,

I have the 20x125mm version and use to own the 25-75x125mm zoom version. I found the zoom version to have better pinpoint stars due to the smaller exit pupil and certainly it was nice to able to zoom on objects. I thought the Zooms magnification range was best between the 25-50x. After that image would begin to break down. I sold the zooms and picked up the fixed version. Stars do tend to flair a little due to the 6mm exit pupil but its not bad at all and because of the 3 degree FOV ( 66 degree Actual FOV ?) I actually enjoy the 20x version a little more. The way I see it if I want to really zoom in on objects I just break out my scope. I bought these bino's because at 20x magnification and 125mm aperature they are truely big bino's which I have spent hours just sweeping the milkyway and all the large open star cluster theres nothing quite like it. I don't worry about the color issue, what can I say it's an achromat and it's there but only notice on the brightest of stars. Another thing worth mentioning is that the mount is very easy and a pleasure to use, combine that with the 45degree angle of the Bino's and your always very comfortable (which is a very key issue in favor of the Vixens ). All in all are they worth 4K...I definately think they are the best value out there considering you get a $500 mount with it. JIM
Posted 02/13/2003 10:43AM #4
I have owned a pair of the Vixen 25x-75x-x125's for about three years. I like them a lot. The variable power and 45 degree viewing are really nice.
They do show some color on extremely bright stars and the Moon, but that truly doesn't bother me much.
I use mine on a modified Grandview parallelogram mount, with a rubber-gripped handle attached to the binos, for one handed control. They are also equiped with eyepiece heaters and DSC's. These are a real hit with visitors to my observatory.