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Which Binocular to go with a 10" dob?

Started by Shmals, 04/04/2003 02:16PM
Posted 04/04/2003 02:16PM Opening Post
Hey Everyone, thanks for taking the time to read this, I am now am looking for a good pair of binoculars for just finding objects, annual comets, and star fields containing objects to assist my 10" dob, don't need high quality just something that will do the job~! I do wear glasses most the time, i have mild nearsightedness -3.75 in both eyes and a very slight astigmatism. Let me know what your suggestions are, Thanks your time is appreciated.


"Keep Looking Up"
Posted 04/04/2003 02:55PM #1
Check this review:
You can buy one at:
The price is very low
Posted 04/04/2003 03:20PM #2

For astronomy I like to use at least 10X50 size. The extra 3X and 5mm exit pupil is better for locating DSOs from sites with light pollution. Orion has an inexpensive pair. The Outsider model is an EWA model with 7.6 deg FOV and 17.8 mm eyerelief. It should be OK with your glasses. The Outsider is fully coated, not FMC and I expect less than perfect edge performance. One the other hand, price is less than $60 and the EWA should be a big plus for star hopping.

If you want to try one size up from 10X50s you can consider the 11X56 Mini Giants. Oberwerk has a pair for $99 with 6 deg FOV and 19mm eye relief. Both Oberwerk and Orion have excellent return policy if you are not completely satisfied.

ERik D
Posted 04/04/2003 09:38PM #3
I had always loved the night sky, even as a young boy. But the thing that really got me into amateur astronomy was when I was in the US Navy during the middle '70's. One night out in the South Pacific we were right in the middle of a "dead calm". The sea was like glass. The sky was a wonder to behold. I swear the Milky Way actually cast shadows!! I went up to the signal bridge and swung the ships "big eyes" (six inch weather proof binos) onto the summer milky way. My friends it was a truly jaw dropping experience and is something I will remember for the rest of my days. I hope that at least one more time in my life I'll be able to see the night sky like that again in similar conditions. Big binos rule!!