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19mm or 24mm panoptics?

Started by ref68, 02/12/2011 11:01PM
Posted 02/12/2011 11:01PM Opening Post
Hi, I got 19mm pair of pans now i wander if i should have 24mm instead
My scope is 15" Obsession f/4.5
I have denmeiers standar bino with powerswich
please tell me the best that you know.

Posted 02/13/2011 07:47AM #1
I bought 24mm Panoptics because their field of view (aperture stop) almost exactly matches the binoviewer, so you get the widest possible field. I'm very happy with them. Haven't tried 19mm so can't tell you how they compare.
Posted 05/05/2018 06:21AM #2
The 15, 19 & 24 Pans are excellent. The 19s are good but I really like the 24s. If you can, get all three if you can get just one, the 24s are the way to go in my opinion.
Posted 08/13/2018 01:53PM #3
I agree with Sergio.  Go w/ the 24's.  I have a 14.5" Starmaster f/4.3 and power switch.  I do most of my viewing w/ the lowest power setting for widest FOV and occasionally go up to the mid-power setting.  The highest power setting will generally be too dark.  For that reason alone I don't recommend the 19mm's.  I usually don't use the highest setting unless I'm trying to split a close double star.  The 24's are perfect for any binoviewer set-up.