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24MM Burgess Binoviewer

Started by DonDurbin, 05/17/2006 04:37PM
Posted 05/17/2006 04:37PM Opening Post
To All,

My 24mm Burgess binoviewer arrived today.

They came in a nice metal case. Also included were two 20mm BO Bino-Lites, an OCA, a par-focal ring, and an extra 50mm nose piece. The standard nose piece that comes on the binoviewer is 24mm in length. The extra nose piece is not an extension, it is a replacement for the existing nose piece.

I assume the purpose of the longer nose piece (when used with the supplied OCA) is to help you reach focus in a Newtonian telescope. The supplied par-focal ring is probably there to help you save your diagonal from abuse via this long nose piece.

I have horrible skies here now but I was able to get out around noon for a little solar observing through the holes in the clouds. I found the Bino-Lites to be very acceptable EPs for anyone who is just starting out in binoviewers. The are quite a bit better than the 26mm EPs I got with my first binoviewer.

The binoviewer came with the same three screw setup as the BV125C. Burgess says that the self centering EP holders will be sent out later at an additional cost of $40. (The unit cost as is shipped to my door was $259 plus $8.95 shipping for a total of $267.95)

The diopter adjustment is much nicer with a better feel than what was on the BV125C. One and 3/4 revolutions of the diopter adjustment gives you the total 5mm of travel.

In size and weight they appear identical to the BV125C unit. ( I did not actually put them on a scale, I just held them in my hands and I could tell no difference between the two units.)

So far they seem pretty nice. I took a business card and cut it to 24mm and stuck it down to the optical window. There is 24mm of clear aperture up there. I was curious about that. The optical windows of the BV125C is around 3 or 4 mm smaller. Just looking through them you can see it is a bigger prism.

So I now have a new binoviewer, a new power wheel, and a new 80mm Fluorite short tube that will focus any binoviewer in the known world. I also borrowed my nephews Bino Vue. grin

I will be playing with my new toys for a while.


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Posted 05/17/2006 05:02PM #1

Did you get the Power Wheel for newts? Anxiously waiting on mine.

Can you do us a favor? Remove the nosepiece on the 24's and point them at the sun and measure the size of the circles on a piece of paper that come out the ep holders. That is a good indicator of the real clear aperture of a binoviewer.

Might have to order me a pair of those 24's.

Posted 05/20/2006 03:49PM #2
Hi All,

I finally got a good look at the Sun today and I took the time to do a clear aperture check through both sides of the Burgess 24.

I simply held the binoviewers up to the Sun, I did not put them into a mount and fine tune the angle of the viewer. Both sides showed nice clean circles with no hint of any clipping. I marked the circles with a pen and went back inside. The diameter measured was 23.89mm. I am sure I could have gotten 24mm if I had worked on the setup a little more. I checked with the nose piece on and the nose piece off and I saw no difference.

In comparison, the BV125C read 20.3mm with some minor clipping present, the Siebert BlackNights read 21.5mm, the Denkmeier dielectric read 25mm, the Tele Vue Bino Vue read 27mm but did seem to have a noticeable clip on the left side and the Siebert 45mm Elites read 38.5mm.

Don Durbin
Posted 05/28/2006 04:39AM | Edited 05/28/2006 04:43AM #3
To All,

Our club had an event last night and I was able to test the 24mm Burgess in quite a few different scopes. With the 50mm nose piece and the supplied OCA the binoviewer was able to come to focus in every scope I tried it in. I went from a 20" DOB down to a Meade SN6. The main direction of my testing was mostly DOBs.

The Meade SN6 surprised me with how much inside focus travel it had. Using the Burgess 24 with it I was able to switch back to the 24mm nose piece and the supplied OCA.

I have not yet measured the magnification I am getting with the supplied OCA and the two different nose pieces.

Don Durbin