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25mm Epics and 9mm Expanse EP's

Started by tomhole, 09/30/2003 10:05PM
Posted 09/30/2003 10:05PM Opening Post
I took a look at the 9mm Expanse ep's. Internal reflections kill these ep's. They were dreadful on Mars. Moon was gone before it got dark, so I couldn't try them on it. They worked ok for deep sky. I would use them over the stock 10mm Sirrius plossls I have for deep sky. I would also use them over the 9mm orthos just for the bigger FOV, but only for deep sky. I thought that the kidney beaning I saw in cyclops would render them totally useless, but they worked good when my pupils got fully dilated. The kidney beaning was mildly annoying on Mars and I think it would be terrible on the Moon. I think I may get the rest of the set for deep sky work until I figure out what I like in the widefield department.

The 25mm Orion Epics are very good ep's. Good thing Orion discontinued this line. The 25mm's are very nice. For their 55 deg AFOV, they are almost the equal of the 24 Pan. The Pan edged them out on edge sharpness and overall contrast. The stock 25mm Sirrius plossls I have are as good as the 25mm Epics. You get the extra 5 deg AFOV and a bit more comfortable ep in the Epic. I wish I could have tried these in other focal lengths. Maybe I'll order up a pair of the Celestron version. Anyone verified that these are really the same?

Clear skies,

Posted 09/30/2003 10:42PM #1
Hi Tom,

I would be interested in knowing about the Celestron versus the epic EPs also. I originally bought a 3.7 and a 5.1 that I used in my Meade 90. They gave great views of jupiter. So I also got a 9.5 and a 14. Then I got the Binoviewers and I decided to get another 9.5 and a 14 to use with the BVs. I also picked up a pair of 12.3s from Orion as they were discontinued.

Harry is making me a custom Ultra Barlow, but he says it will be pretty high mag when it works with the extra length on the Binoviewer. He says it will be around X4. That makes me wish I would have grabbed up some of the bigger Epic EPs.

Are you talking about the Celestron Axioms?

Don Durbin
Posted 10/01/2003 04:49AM #2
Thanks for that report, Tom. I had asked about the Expanses for binoviewing a day or so ago as I was kind of thinking about the 9mm and 6mm. Guess I will scratch that idea and stick with the 10mm Antares Ultras and the 9mm UO orthos.

Midway, FL