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8mm Radians in a binoviewer?

Started by cdculbertson, 02/23/2003 01:28AM
Posted 02/23/2003 01:28AM Opening Post
Anyone have any experience using a pair of these in a bino? I already have one 8mm Radian that I like quite a bit, but have really gotten into binoviewing of late. Since this is my only Radian, I have considered a couple of options; buy a second 8mm Radian as my higher power bino pair, or sell my 8mm and save for a pair of 9mm Naglers.

Anyway, I am curious as to how the 8mm Radians might perform in a binoviewer, since I seem to recall reading once (article by Roland Christen?) that anything shorter than 10mm was not recommended. On top of that, the eye placement is a little finicky on the Radian as a cyclops eyepiece, so I am curious as to any problems in a bino.

FWIW, this pair will be used in a TV bino in 18" f/4.2 and 11" f/5.4 Dobs.

Midway, FL
Posted 02/23/2003 05:19AM #1
Hey Doug,

You know you can always skip the 9T6s and borrow my set of super light weight 9mmT1s for your finely tuned and highly balanced Dobs! It will be a match "swayed" under the heavens.