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Axioms in a binoviewer?

Started by cdculbertson, 10/23/2002 06:54PM
Posted 10/23/2002 06:54PM Opening Post
Has anyone tried any of the Celestron Axioms for use in a binoviewer? Specifically, the 19mm (1.25") and 23mm. These look interesting in that they provide a 70 degree fov with winged eyecups. The 10mm of eye relief might be tight for some, but since I don't wear glasses while observing it is a non-issue for me. According to the advert blurb, the Axioms are designed as an extension to the Ultima line. I have used the Ultimas in the bino and am happy with the two pair that I have, hence the question about the Axioms.

Thanks for any input!

Midway, Fl
Posted 10/23/2002 07:08PM #1
Oh yeah...all scopes that these would be used in are fast: 18" f/4.2, 11" f/5.4 and a f/6.8 Pronto

Midway, FL