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Best single pair

Started by BennettB64, 03/21/2006 05:11PM
Posted 03/21/2006 05:11PM Opening Post
I just ordered my dual-arm powerswitch. I am using a C-11 XLT and a Denk standard. I'd like to know what people's opinions are - given my setup, what would be the best single pair of ep's to use at .5 / 1.15 / 2x with a 2800mm focal length?

I look forward to your opinions!
Posted 03/21/2006 05:30PM #1
A pair of 24 Pans will give you a nice setup:

58x, 1.17 deg TFOV
134x, .51 deg TFOV

You could go a whole night with just that.

16 Naglers would be nice as well, but you won't get that wonderful 1.17 deg TFOV (only .96 TFOV).

I would test it out, but I'll bet your .5x is actually more like .7x, but still quite nice. Like a pair of 34 Pans.

Any less expensive equivalent would do as well. A pair of 32 plossls would be just marvelous.

Have fun.