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Bino help

Started by jlink, 01/15/2006 08:20PM
Posted 01/15/2006 08:20PM | Edited 01/16/2006 12:37AM Opening Post
I pretty much did a copy and paste job from another site I posted to last night..

I roughly split my time between land viewing, and some star gazing. I have been reading and reading posts from all over the net and I am having a hard time finding any reviews on these binos, "Oberwerk 12-36x70 Zoom". Right now I have a set of Bushnell 7-21X40 zoom, and they are just getting old and beat up. As much as haveing full App seems appealing, I know I will miss the zoom effect during land episodes so I have decided to stick with a zoom Bino.. What I want to know is has anyone in here actually seen any reviews on this product? I can't seem to find much googling it. I have tried many other forums with a couple of meek posts so I figured I would post here. Any help and advice is very much welcomed. Actually what I am looking for is someone who has actually used these binoculars, not just anyone stating that "all" zoon bino's are garbage etc.
PS sorry for any typo's. What I really jonze for are the 25/40X100's.. man If only had the cash lol.
Posted 01/18/2006 05:42AM #1
Man not one post in 3 days. I must have picked the most Unpopular set of binoculars to chat about, either that or no one has really looked through them.
Peace ouit.