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Bino use after scope collimation.

Started by tomdisco, 06/06/2005 02:21PM
Posted 06/06/2005 02:21PM Opening Post
My C11 has miraculously held its collimation for almost half a year without being touched but just recently needed to be tweaked. I normally do this with an 8mm Radian (350x). After getting it right where I want it in cyclops mode I switch to my normal mode of binoviewing.

When making the transition I discover I still have not mastered that final 1% to collimation perfection. It looks fine at high power cyclops mode yet is ever so slightly off in lower power bino mode. In bino mode it seems to be most detectable when only slightly out of focus, revealing ever so slightly skewed diffraction rings. If I return to cyclops mode it is not detectable, even at higher power.

One gets the feeling that perhaps collimation should be done with the binos in place since that's the predominant use of the scope but the general consensus is that this is a no-no.

Looking for opinions, please. Thank you.