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Binos at a star party

Started by tomhole, 10/02/2003 08:59PM
Posted 10/02/2003 08:59PM Opening Post
Our club had a little star party for some elementary school kids tonight. They had a short classroom speal and then came out for viewing. I had the 10" dob, there was a Discovery 8 inch dob, a homebuilt 8" dob and an 11" SCT. I brought both sets of binoviewers.

The kids had a blast. There were only 7 of them with 4 dads as well. This was my first public star party, so all the oohing, ahhing and flat out wowing was new to me. Quite fun.

The moon was out so I decided to pick that as the target for my scope. 24 Pans, Denk standards and the 1.37x 2" OCS. The first person to look through my scope sat down and looked through the binos and couldn't stop saying "Oh my God, this is amazing!" Made my heart go pitter patter. Everyone got a turn and added their wows as well. I asked all of the adults and older children if they had any problems with seeing 2 moons or focusing and none of them did. The other club members spent a lot of time with the binos as well and all were able to merge successfully.

I got to see the double cluster for the first time. Never took the time to learn where it was. The 1 deg TFOV Denk configuration managed to get both of them in the FOV. Marvelous!

The night was very telling for me and my binoviewing dilemma. Which binoviewer spent the most time in the focuser? 99% of the time, actually. It was the Denks. That 1 deg TFOV is just perfect. I tried the TV's on the moon before everyone showed up and they just barely framed the moon. The 1 deg TFOV on the Denks made a much nicer presentation. Same for M31 & M32. Seeing was terrible so I couldn't do any detailed Mars viewing. Oh well, I guess I'll keep them both for a while longer. Maybe it's time to buy a Denk II and see how that looks.

The comment I heard a lot throughout the night from the visitors was "I wanna go look through that 2 eyed telescope again." The club members were impressed as well and want to buy whichever binoviewer I sell to keep for the club to use. I think I may be making a difference. I want everyone to at least try binoviewing. Literally everyone who owns or is thinking about buying a telescope. I want them all to try it out. Maybe it's not for them, but maybe it is and then they will know what we are always blabbering about. Good stuff.

Clear skies,

Posted 10/02/2003 09:30PM #1
Great story Tom! I have had the same experience introducing folks to the night sky using binos. It is a great feeling, to be sure!