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Binos vs Microscope Conversions

Started by V man, 03/12/2003 04:38PM
Posted 03/12/2003 04:38PM Opening Post
Ok. I give. There are some creative people converting high-end microscopes such as Zeiss, Nikon etc to binoviewers. Is there a difference between these and the "Brand" name (over-expensive) bino's? I cant believe there can be much difference but like to hear the experts on this. A shoot out between a conversion and a Televue would prove interesting..
Posted 03/12/2003 05:16PM #1
Someone feel free to correct me if I am wrong here, but I thought that the main difference between the converted microscope heads like the Nikons and the higher priced ones like Denkmeier and TeleVue, et al, was the size of the prisms. In the Denks and TVs, AP/Baader, etc, are 26mm+ prisms, while the others have smaller prisms, thus limiting one to mainly lunar and planetary observing. The problem lies in the fact that the smaller prisms vignette in any eyepiece over 24mm or so.

I would also think that the higher priced binoviewers have better coatings on the prisms to reduce light scatter, better eyepiece holders, etc. Like I said, that was my impression, but I could be wrong.

Oh, also aren't a lot of the converted microscope heads 45 degree instead of straight through? That makes it pretty much impossible, or at least uncomfortable to use on a Newt!

Midway, FL