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Binoview Collimation Needed?

Started by jadamslh, 10/06/2002 04:31AM
Posted 10/06/2002 04:31AM Opening Post
Tonight, with my binoviewer on my SCT I noticed that out of focus star images showed the central obstruction shadow severely off center, similar to secondary miscollimation problems in SCT's. I had just collimated my scope.
Could it be that the eyepiece I had in when I collimated the scope was itself miscollimated? Or, is it likely the BV is off? I notice very slight problems merging the images from the left eye and the right eye [YES, in the bino, and I wasn't drinking at the time ;].
I'll try some other combos of telescope/BV/eyepieces and see if the problem persists. If it does, who can fix it?
I talked to someone once who said he had collimated his BV with a laser directed into the distal end, but I'm not techie enough to feel confident messing with optical innards. Any thoughts?