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Binoviewer do-it-yourself conversion info ???

Started by samg74, 08/07/2003 09:06AM
Posted 08/07/2003 09:06AM Opening Post
Dedicated do-it-yourselfer *******

I have a couple of heads from microscopes that look to be usable for do-it-yourself binoviewer projects. These are dual-prism systems built to be used with standard light microscopes. Nikon and Tiyoda.

The older compound mikes were built to German industry standards. They're wonderful for first-rate optics.

There are also the 30mm stereo mikes, but that would require an exotic secondary, if it would be possible at all ?????? I've got a 20x Nikon and an SZ6 Leica stereozoom.

I'm doing a 16" f/4.7 Dobson and have a 10" f/5 for prototyping. The 16" is a thin-mirror (1.25" blank) system, so it's going to get a PLOP-designed state-of-the-art mirror cell.

Giving this 16" a binoviewer sounds good. Then making it modular, so's if I get hooked on doing a Schiefspiegler...;^)