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Binoviewers at a star party Part II

Started by tomhole, 07/22/2003 06:37PM
Posted 07/22/2003 06:37PM Opening Post
Next up was the rising moon. I knew what to expect from my
experience with my 10" dob, but I was not prepared for what the 14" telescope had to offer. Words cannot describe the view. The CGE mount is very nice and I was able to fly over Luna with the hand paddle. Especially nice was the trip up the terminator. Everyone shared the view and ran outside to grab everyone they could find. Each "wow" made me smile and hope that someone else would discover the fun of binoviewing.

I casually polled everyone about merging the views and no one had any issues.

That was it for the night as the clouds rolled in. I was impressed with the CGE1400 and binos. That is certainly an enormous binoviewer accessory though. I don't see anything that large in my future, but it sure is nice to have access to one at a dark site in an observatory. It was fun sharing the binoviewers with others. I thought the initial reaction was a bit aloof, but that changed as the night went on. I don't think I had any immediate converts, but
I'm sure I got some folks thinking about them. I might loan one of my binoviewers to the club for a while and let folks use them on their own.

Clear skies,