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Binoviewing---the plain truth

Started by mastervisa, 04/21/2003 02:15PM
Posted 04/21/2003 02:15PM Opening Post
I have used my new Denkmeier Multi-Standard for two nights now with an Orion 10" dob. I'm using Apogee 20mm Widescan 70's. The plain truth is.....why didn't someone slap me when I was shelling out cash ($570) on a used Paracorr and Nagler 22 for a view that is 10% as good as a couple of decent $80 eps and this binoviewer. The view and viewing experience is just that good. Being able to stare with both eyes at M5 for over half an hour, picking out tiny details that seem to pop out, with NO eye fatigue is amazing to me. NO MORE SQUINTING!! (Sorry, didn't mean to yell) My wife looked at the Orion Nebula and remarked "it's blue!". She's always seen it as white using single eps, and I never knew it! I'll post more things I have found out if anybody cares. And if you are thinking of getting a binoviewer, and can't decide, do it, get one now. I wish I had a long time ago!
Posted 04/23/2003 10:45AM #1
1) Depends on your mount more than the scope. There are binoviewers on Prontos.

2) The standard viewer with the 2" nosepiece and (unless you have a lot of infocus travel and can reach focus with the viewer by itself) the 2" OCS.

And,later, pairs of not-necessarily-expensive eyepieces.