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Binoviewing with the PST

Started by skeene, 02/20/2005 04:50AM
Posted 02/20/2005 04:50AM Opening Post
I went to the WSP with the intention of checking out the optical correctors that Siebert and Denkmeier are now offering for use with the PST. The first one I came across was a private party that had the Siebert 1.3X corrector on his PST with a Lumicon (BW Optik) binoviewer. The first thing you notice is that the Siebert corrector is very long. It raises the binoviewer up about 4 inches from the eyepiece holder. Don't be put off by that. The view through this setup was really incredible! Just stunning! We were using 25mm and 18mm Cemax eyepieces. Later I ran across Denkmeier showing their corrector on a PST with Denkmeier 21 mm eyepieces and of course the Denkmeier binoviewer. The corrector was much shorter than the Harry Siebert corrector. The corrector was made up of pieces that screwed together. I was told that this was a prototype and the final unit would be one piece. I never got an answer as to the magnification of this unit but in my opinion it was way too high. The view was not as pleasing as with the Harry Siebert corrector. I gave the Denkmeier people my opinion but they didn't seem to agree. I even got to try it with 25mm Cemax eyepieces. Even with the 25 mm's the image was just too large. This was a prototype and I would hope they consider a redesign before the final product is released. The gentleman with the Siebert corrector also had the original Harry Siebert binoviewers in a leather bag. These binoviewers will reach focus on the PST without any corrector lens. I looked through these and they also gave fine views. I also got to see the beautifully machined adapter plate that was being offered by Howie Glatter that allows you to mount two PST's side by side. The adapter plate is equipped with collimation adjustments and adjustable interocular spacing with the simple twist of a knob. As you might imagine, these also gave fine views.