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Started by lintonius, 05/07/2006 10:02PM
Posted 05/07/2006 10:02PM | Edited 05/07/2006 10:03PM Opening Post
Hey all,
Well, I got my first semi-dark sky outing with the TV BinoVue's last Saturday (yeah, I'm running behind on my posts). My only pair of EP's, at that time, were TV 25mm plossls. The seeing was better than the transparency, and once the large public star party turnout had subsided, I put the binoes in and had some very nice viewing of Saturn and Jupiter. The ring details were quite sharp on Saturn, with nice color banding on the sphere itself. Jupiter was a thrill, as it revealed colorful festoon detail on the equatorial belt and zones. 8O
Next outing, I will be better equipped, as I was able to pick up a second 24 Pan this week, as well as another 18mm U.O. HD Ortho. I also snagged a second 9mm T6, but have already traded it away for an 11mm T6, which will provide a more reasonable high power level (270x vs. 330x). With the 2x corrector in play, I'll have power levels of 132x, 176x, and 270x now. Of course, the FOV's will vary as I switch from Panoptics to Orthos to Naglers. At least I've got options now. I'll probably need to get a lower power Siebert corrector next.
No, really sweetheart, I'm almost set now. wink
Posted 05/07/2006 11:32PM #1
Oh sure Linton, we have heard that before. wink Yeah, I have all I need! 8)

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