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Burgess 6mm Planetary EPs

Started by DonDurbin, 08/07/2005 07:12PM
Posted 08/07/2005 07:12PM Opening Post
Hi All,

I took my new pair of 6mm Planetary EPs out for a quick spin around
Jupiter tonight. I used my TAK FS-128 so no optical correctors were

I decided I like these EPs. They are certainly worth the current
price of $49 each.

I compared the pair of 6mm Planetary EPs with a 6mm Expanse that I have. The contrast was better and the image was brighter in the Burgess EPs.

I compared the pair of 6mm Planetary EPs with my 9mm HD Ortho's. The image in the Ortho's was sharper, but that was more do to the 9mm versus 6mm view. I only mention these EPs because I got a surprising insight with them. I found that the Burgess pair of 6mm Planetary EPs required a half turn less in-travel on my TAK FS-128 than the HD Ortho's.

I compared the pair of 6mm Planetary EPs to a pair of Televue 4.8mm
Naglers. The pair of 6mm Planetary EPs lost that match up. The
Televue 4.8 Naglers had a slightly better image and required the
least in-travel of the EPs I tried. They also cost more than double.

I compared the pair of 6mm Planetary EPs with my pair of 8mm Televue
Plossl's. I think the Burgess pair of 6mm Planetary EPs had as sharp
an image as the 8mm Televue Plossls.

In the Burgess Binoviewer I did have a little problem with merging
these EPs at first. The step barrel allowed on of the EPs to cock
slightly. I had heard other people complain of this before but this
is the first time I experienced it. I wish the EPs would have come
with smooth barrels. Higher powered EPs are also naturally harder to
merge and required a more precise alignment.

In my 22mm Blacknight Binoviewer I did not have any problem with
these EPs. The BlackNight Self Centering Holders did the best job
holding these EPs

In my premium Denkmeier Binoviewer I did see a problem with the EPs
being slightly loose even when the SCDs were fully tightened. The
compression device hits the step ring in a bad place. Once again a
smooth barrel would have worked better here.

Don Durbin
Posted 08/07/2005 08:31PM #1
Thank for your most informative posts. We are in your debt for such helpful information. I also have the Siebert Black Night 22mm and am on the list for the 45mm Elite binoviewer. If anyone has one of these or can steer me to where I can read more about them I would appreciated it. I have been waiting quite some time on them and would like to hear from those who have had a chance to look though them. I am particularly interested in how they would work on a 10" LX200. What eyepiece choices would be good and so forth. I want to get a good low power view and with a big SCT like mine that is not easy.


M. R.
10 Meade SCT.
8" Orion Dob
Siebert 1.5x-7x MM OCA
BN 22mm (45mm 2" Elite Binoviewer on order)
and Siebert 15mm and 24mm Ultra ep's
Posted 08/08/2005 03:12AM | Edited 08/08/2005 03:14AM #2
Don't forget, this is not the final design for this eyepiece. That is why they were being sold for $49.00. I talked to Thomas Back about these. He told me that a slight design change is going to make them better than they already are. smile